#Science news advertising ready for NYC subway! Attn: Sloths may cure cancer…?

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Apparently science news is becoming mainstream. Last night I saw this ad in the NYC subway system. Apparently youtube and vice news are advertising science and health related stories! I checked it out and found the video below.

VICE News host Thomas Morton swings from the trees with an international team of scientists in Panama that’s found a promising treatment for malaria, Chagas disease and breast cancer in the most unlikely place: The mossy fur of tree sloths. It’s yet another reason to not cut down rainforests. About half of all drugs brought to market from 1997-2006 came from plants, fungi and bacteria discovered by “bio-prospectors” in nature. And we see that sloths are just one of many new and unusual frontiers for this research.

Read the study by scientist Sarah Higginbotham here: http://www.plosone.org/article/fetchO…

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