Can the method for deboarding airplanes be improved? Joseph Stromberg explains #SCIENCE


Check out this great article on by Joseph Stromberg about how we can improve getting off of airplanes, using calculations and science-based simulations.

… if one particular airline actively pioneered aisle-first deboarding — say, Southwest, which already has an unconventional boarding method — and showed that it worked faster, passengers would surely learn it over time. Our current deboarding method, after all, is a learned behavior too — and most passengers would do nearly anything to spend less time waiting to get off their plane.



Tomorrow: Friday the 13th and a Full Moon

 moon reports it won’t happen again until AUGUST 13, 2049.

Specifically, the full moon occurs at precisely 12:11 am EDT on Thursday night — i.e., early Friday morning. That means the 13th will coincide with the full moon for residents of the Eastern time zone (as well as South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia), but not the Central, Mountain, or Pacific time zones.