5 Reasons to Leave the Lab and Go on Vacation…

I don’t even need 5 reasons. Having just gotten back from vacation, I’m ready to go again!

In all seriousness though, this applies to people in all fields. It’s important to go on vacation and give the mind a break. AAAS blog explains 5 reasons why we should all take a vacation:

1. To prevent a burnout
2. To be more productive
3. To be more creative
4. To expand your scientific horizons
and my favorite,
5. To be a good role model:

 “You may be one of those rare individuals who does not need or want to take vacation, but you probably work with others who do. It is important to model good self-care—including taking opportunities for rest and relaxation— so those around you feel like they can do the same.”

Here’s me being a good role model to my lab