Terrific @Nature article about inspirational science hashtags on twitter! #BeyondMarieCurie #IAmAScientistBecause

Whether you saw the recent twitter hashtags, #BeyondMarieCurie and #IAmAScientistBecause, be sure to check out this feature in Nature about these social media hashtags by Chris Woolston!! It definitely focuses on the positive vibe that is often missing in science discussions recently!!!

At a time when online conversations about science can become mired in negativity — job shortages, dwindling grant support and breakdowns in peer review — the Twitter streams of many researchers recently turned positive. Researchers of all types rallied around the hashtag #IAmAScientistBecauseto share their scientific inspirations.

[tweet https://twitter.com/cbpolis/status/585064469836857344] [tweet https://twitter.com/NIH_Bear/status/586565725273350144]

See the article for more featured tweets and commentary on these scientific social media ‘campaigns.’

Working on a PhD? Need a good laugh? Check out #FailAPhDInThreeWords

If you haven’t already, I recommend checking out #FailAPhDInThreeWords! Not only are many of the tweets hilarious, they also provide an interesting commentary on PhD’s and science. Some of the clear trends that emerge for failing a PhD include referencing God/religion, using inappropriate citations (wikipedia, twitter, etc), formatting issues (margins, fonts, typos), plagiarizing, photoshopping or going against basic tenets of science (n of 1, correlation vs causation). Below are some of my favorites!

[tweet https://twitter.com/RDscience/status/566270916032999424] [tweet https://twitter.com/guyren58/status/568083948074618880] [tweet https://twitter.com/AboudDandachi/status/568088995739111424] [tweet https://twitter.com/liberapertus/status/566277423504048129] [tweet https://twitter.com/superhelical/status/567762876539351040] [tweet https://twitter.com/PhuzzieSlippers/status/567778280565379073] [tweet https://twitter.com/jl_crim/status/567804362790289409] [tweet https://twitter.com/JohnNCoupland/status/567828895963095041] [tweet https://twitter.com/CauseScience1/status/568429584745701376] [tweet https://twitter.com/Kevlar007/status/568407347930001408]

Today’s favorite tweets! Picture of NYC from space and Onion article about sorting trash into oceans!

[tweet https://twitter.com/TheOnion/status/567483612996440065] [tweet https://twitter.com/Space_Station/status/567403744413749248]

Why did you do a PhD? #WhyIdidaPhD #WhyImDOINGaPhD


Check out the ongoing twitter hashtag about why people did, or are doing, a PhD. Some examples below. It appears that the hashtag was started by Miriam Goldstein, a marine biologist & science communicator working in policy (@MiriamGoldste)(http://www.miriamgoldstein.info).

Tweet @CauseScience1 and @MiriamGoldste to tell us why you did a PhD, or why you are doing a PhD.

Tweeting from a #science conference? Follow these 10 rules!



Sean Ekins and Ethan Perlstein have compiled a list of 10 rules for live tweeting from scientific conferences for PLoS Computational Biology. Check out their article for the 10 rules, as well as a bunch of other info about tweeting and how live tweeting can improve scientific conferences! I definitely plan to keep this list handy for my next conference! My favorite rules from the article are below, see the article for the rest of the rules and full explanations!

Rule 1: Short Conference Hashtag
Rule 2: Promote the Hashtag
Rule 4: Conference Twitter Etiquette
Rule 7: Differentiate Your Opinions from the Speaker’s
Rule 9: Meet Other Live Tweeters Face to Face
Have other ideas for rules to follow while tweeting at a conference? Let CauseScience know in the comments. Personally, I would add the following rule: Be sure to follow conference rules about spreading data and images while tweeting. Fellow scientists, you know those people that take pictures of all your slides or poster. How rude. And please don’t tweet those images.