#ThingsTimHowardCouldBlock … including his own Tourette’s?

In a remarkable display of talent and athleticism, Tim Howard broke records yesterday for saving an insane number of Belgian goal attempts at the World Cup Round of 16 USA vs Belgium game.  This guy is a hero, no doubt, but says he owes part of his talent to… his Tourette’s syndrome. 

The BBC takes a look at the science behind Howard’s claim that his Tourette’s actually helps with his impecable goal-saving skills. Says Howard, “I realised I was faster than others when it came to certain movements, and that these reflexes were linked to my disorder”

Turns out this claim may have some truth to it: 

Studies have shown that individuals with Tourette’s are “super-good at controlling their voluntary movements”


A hypothesis is that people with the condition become highly conscious of their physical actions as they learn to control their tics.

More power to you Howard! You are a role model to all!! 


Google got confused about religion and science… Saturday problems #notscience


My Google newsfeed today seems to be confused about what qualifies as science. An article stating things about the size of the universe may seem science-y, but when the same article quotes the Bible and ultimately is just an advert for local Churches is distinctly NOT science. I have no problem with the article, or the idea that God may have created the universe, but Google should definitely be better than masquerading an article like this in the science section. Womp Womp. Saturday problems. #confused

The very first verse in the Bible says: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” He is not enamored with the galaxies as we are because He made them. He’s not surprised by our discovery of a measureless universe because He is the one who brought it into reality. The Grand Canyon may impress visitors but its small potatoes when compared to His ability and greatness. As the Creator of this massive and astronomical universe — He is obviously greater and bigger than the creation He brought into being.

Why not visit one of the many church families throughout Kings County this weekend and experience a God that is bigger than your challenges. – Tim Howard article