Thomson Reuters 2014 Analytics World Challenge (research World Cup!)


Nature has an editorial this week highlighting a promotional and fun World Cup style competition of research impact from Thomson Reuters. The Analytics World Challenge (brackets and all) will pit the countries of the actual 2014 World Cup against each other, but using the companies research analytics, from InCites. The competition will involve different rounds that look at at research citation impact, proportion of international collaborations, cited papers, and world impact. The Nature article scoffs that we should expect a USA vs Switzerland semi-final, but goes on to discuss why there is a market for this type of service, as well as the potential downsides and benefits (the author mentions administrators playing ‘Fantasy Faculty’, HA!). More info on the competition here.

“We are excited to host the first-ever Analytics World Challenge to celebrate the international research impact and scholarly collaboration of the countries participating in the World Cup,” said Gordon Macomber, managing director of Scientific and Scholarly Research at Thomson Reuters. “As an industry leader in evaluating the performance and impact of research on a global level, Thomson Reuters InCites offers a unique perspective of each country’s efforts.”