Anti-Science Quotable: Ted Cruz blatantly ignoring the facts about climate change… AGAIN!

This comes as a surprise to no one, but apparently Senator Ted Cruz (R. Tx) still cannot get on board with what scientists agree on in regards to climate change.  On an interview for the Skimm ( an awesome daily e-mail newsletter ) this morning, when asked about climate change, this was his response:

I believe that government policy should follow the evidence and the data….When it comes to global warming, far too much of the debate in Washington is centered around politics rather than the data and the evidence. If you look to the satellite data, it demonstrates that over the past 17 years, there has been no meaningful recorded warming whatsoever. And yet, politicians in Washington are disregarding the evidence and the facts because it is in their political interest to expand government control over the economy. And, to drive up costs for hard-working families across this country.

OK, I’m sorry… but WTF!  What satellite data is Senator Cruz looking at that demonstrates there has been “no meaningful recorded warming whatsoever”?! This is just outright incorrect.  CauseScience is CONSTANTLY posting evidence supporting climate change, including just yesterday satellite evidence for warming of the arctics.  You know what will drive up costs for hard-working families across the country?! Ignoring the realities of climate change and failing to do anything about it.