How do vaccines work? Kelwalin Dhanasarnsombut explains the #science of vaccines – TED-Ed talk

How do vaccines work? – Kelwalin Dhanasarnsombut

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The first ever vaccine was created when Edward Jenner, an English physician and scientist, successfully injected small amounts of a cowpox virus into a young boy to protect him from the related (and deadly) smallpox virus. But how does this seemingly counterintuitive process work? Kelwalin Dhanasarnsombut details the science behind vaccines.

Lesson by Kelwalin Dhanasarnsombut, animation by Cinematic.

Terrific TED talk on Autism and Genetics by Wendy Chung!

Wendy Chung: Autism — what we know (and what we don’t know yet)

In this factual talk, geneticist Wendy Chung shares what we know about autism spectrum disorder — for example, that autism has multiple, perhaps interlocking, causes. Looking beyond the worry and concern that can surround a diagnosis, Chung and her team look at what we’ve learned through studies, treatments and careful listening.

Science Quotable: E.O. Wilson

The decades ahead will see dramatic advances in disease prevention, general health, the quality of life. All of humanity depends on the knowledge and practice of medicine and the science behind it you will master. You have chosen a calling that will come in steps to give you satisfaction, at its conclusion, of a life well lived. 

-E.O. Wilson in TEDMED talk to you young scientists