Terrific interview with retiring Congressman Rush Holt, New CEO of AAAS! #science #politics


You may have seen the CauseScience post announcing that retiring Congressman Rush Holt will lead AAAS. This week, ABS news has posted parts of a terrific interview with Rush Holt about choosing science over lobbying. While the title of the article focuses on his Jeopardy wins, rather than his degree in physics, the interview has some inspiring and pro-science points! Very excited for Holt to start working at AAAS, but sad to lose such a staunch supporter of science in Congress. Below is a selected response from Holt to a question about the GOP and whether it is anti-science:

I think over many years, appreciation of science has slipped and education of science has slipped. I think that it shouldn’t be possible to deny and patently reject the preponderance of scientific understanding. That’s not to say every scientist is always right. But the idea that you can just flat out deny evolution or climate change or any number of things that are so well established in the science community would have been, in past years, unthinkable. Now, it’s really quite common that people will blatantly, even proudly get on the political stump and say they deny what the scientists think is right.

Happy Veterans Day from CauseScience! Research examines our veterans… time to pay up!


Happy Veterans Day!

CauseScience believes that the people who serve and have served our country deserve the best care and treatment! Here is an op-ed about science/research examining veterans and the support they need. Encourage Congress to actually do more than just talk about supporting our Veterans!

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She Blinded Me With Science

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Alex’s Lemonade Stand Video (@AlexsLemonade): 30 ways to support childhood cancer in 30 days

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! Check out 30 ways to support childhood cancer in 30 days from Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

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