CO2 global average crosses symbolic 400 ppm mark – #climate #redcups #realredproblems #COP21

After posting my red cup meme image yesterday, I saw the new report below, so why not make another image showing an actual red problem that should be getting attention and controversy instead of festive cups??
redmeme2 edit

A new report from the World Meteorological Organization shows that the global average concentration of carbon dioxide crossed above 400 parts per million for the first time in spring 2015. In spring 2014, carbon dioxide concentrations in the northern hemisphere crossed the symbolic 400 ppm level, but this is the first time it has been recorded as a GLOBAL AVERAGE.

“We will soon be living with globally averaged CO2 levels above 400 parts per million as a permanent reality,” Said WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud

“We can’t see CO2. It is an invisible threat, but a very real one. It means hotter global temperatures, more extreme weather events like heatwaves and floods, melting ice, rising sea levels and increased acidity of the oceans. This is happening now and we are moving into uncharted territory at a frightening speed,” he said.

The New York Times also reported on the new WMO greenhouse gas bulletin that covers the 2014 data.

“This evidence shows us that the concentrations are increasing, and they are increasing with increasing rates,” said Oksana Tarasova, chief of the W.M.O.’s Atmospheric Environment Research Division. “This calls for urgent and very strong actions to limit the emission of those greenhouse gasses.”

But Dr. Tarasova noted that exceeding the 400 mark does not denote an immediate catastrophe.

“There is nothing magic about 400, it’s nothing better than 399 or 401,” she said. “This is like our obligation to ourselves, we’d like to not go over 400. It’s symbolic.” She said that surpassing the threshold “only shows that our commitments are not there.”

Image above includes the controversial red cup from Starbucks and a graph of carbon dioxide recording from NOAA showing  CO2 going above 400 ppm. Based on my post from yesterday. I couldn’t find an updated graph showing global average above 400, this shows a northern hemisphere recording to Nov 2015 – and I think it gets the point across.

RED MUG controversy?? What about a red warming earth? #COP21 #ActOnClimate #AreYouSerious? #realproblems


Unless you live under a rock and somehow completely ignore social media, you will have seen the RED STARBUCKS CUP controversy. Apparently a group of people are upset about the Starbucks red cup that lacks any other festive markings. WAR ON CHRISTMAS etc etc etc … nonsense.

Controversy is coming to town. Starbucks’ festive red cups, which mark the upcoming holiday season annually, are being tainted this year by scandal. The tipping point of the scandal began after an American evangelist, Joshua Feuerstein, aired his grievances about the cup in a now-viral Facebook post.

Red cups are now an issue? After years celebrating red solo cups? Is this actually part of our national discourse? When there are major problems that are actually plaguing our world? Like… for instance… unprecedented climate change!?!? As you can tell, I’m an embarrassed American. So I made the image above to draw attention to an actual problem and the upcoming UN climate summit in Paris. Obviously the red cup is the current seasonal Starbucks to-go cup. The earth graphic shows average global temperatures (from NOAA and NASA), with red being warmer than average – previous posts here and here.

In fact, climate change is often depicted in RED!!

For more info on how to show your support for action on climate change, check out 24 Hours of Reality, or the Climate Reality Project website. Or tweet using #COP21, #Actonclimate, #24hoursofreality, #WhyImWatching


UPDATE: I edited the image (new above, old below) after a wise friend pointed out that the original implied that there was a problem with the red cup, which is obviously laughable. Indeed, only one of the red objects is a problem for people living in reality.