High time for marijuana research in Uruguay

Lizzie Wade for Science reports.

Now that marijuana is legal in Uruguay, it is a blossoming country for research into marijuana genetics, usage, and medical efficacy. Hopefully this will continue to bolster scientific interest in South America. My Post about South American Science yesterday.

‘Nature’ highlights South American Science ahead of 2014 FIFA World Cup #GOAL

The week of the opening of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Nature has put together a group of articles highlighting the successes and plights of science in South America. An intro editorial titled “Open Goal” describes the idea behind the featured articles:

And as the world focuses its attention on Brazil, Nature has taken the opportunity to widen the view with our special issue on science in South America.

It seems that science in South America needs support of many kinds, including attention from international scientists training, visiting, mentoring, and in some cases funding. This will help support good science in South America, as well put a stop to a brain drain in many of these countries.

Football fans in South America are used to seeing top players leave for abroad. Efforts to reverse the flow, in science as in sport, face great challenges. But they are a worthwhile goal.

Another great feature article highlights some of the top-tier science being done in South America. South American Science: Big Players.