Unearthing a new Defender of #Science!! Evolution debate between ESPN baseball analysts results in firing, then reinstatement of @KeithLaw

In case you missed it, we have a new Defender of Science (and evolution) in an unexpected place!

Background hereCurt Shilling and Keith Law, both ESPN baseball analysts, engaged in a twitter debate about evolution and science. Curt Shilling posted a number of tweets questioning evolution, which Keith Law rebutted with SCIENCE! ESPN then suspended Law for defending evolution, but then later reinstated him. Obviously all of this caused a huge commotion in the twitter-verse. More on the story here and here. Keith Law not only wins for defending science, but also for his tweet response after being reinstated by ESPN…. shout out to science heretic history~!

[tweet https://twitter.com/keithlaw/status/536891544650149888]

Props to Keith Law! and to EPSN for not being on the wrong side of history.

Apparently, Curt Shilling was taken aback by the resulting twitter storm in response to his comments.

Great Newsweek feature on @astro_reid and his social media presence!! But don’t forget @Astro_Alex and other ISS members!

9gpvvNewsweek has great article about Reid Wiseman and his amazing presence on social media from the International Space Station. For CauseScience readers this shouldn’t be a surprise since a lot of CauseScience posts have featured @astro_reid! Reid Wiseman has now returned to earth after 6 months in orbit, but hopefully he’ll continue posting about space and life in space! Check out the great article.

Also, in addition to @astro_reid, check out the great tweets from fellow ISS astronauts @Astro_Alex and @Msuraev!

[tweet https://twitter.com/astro_reid/status/531839225050968066] [tweet https://twitter.com/Astro_Alex/status/531351647306653697]

Tweeting from a #science conference? Follow these 10 rules!



Sean Ekins and Ethan Perlstein have compiled a list of 10 rules for live tweeting from scientific conferences for PLoS Computational Biology. Check out their article for the 10 rules, as well as a bunch of other info about tweeting and how live tweeting can improve scientific conferences! I definitely plan to keep this list handy for my next conference! My favorite rules from the article are below, see the article for the rest of the rules and full explanations!

Rule 1: Short Conference Hashtag
Rule 2: Promote the Hashtag
Rule 4: Conference Twitter Etiquette
Rule 7: Differentiate Your Opinions from the Speaker’s
Rule 9: Meet Other Live Tweeters Face to Face
Have other ideas for rules to follow while tweeting at a conference? Let CauseScience know in the comments. Personally, I would add the following rule: Be sure to follow conference rules about spreading data and images while tweeting. Fellow scientists, you know those people that take pictures of all your slides or poster. How rude. And please don’t tweet those images.