Flying through San Diego International Airport? Check out the awesome Ilus science and art exhibit

The Airport Authority’s Art Program invited Biocom to coordinate an art installation representing the San Diego life science industry. Biocom reached out to its roster of life science companies for submissions of scientific images as well as to its member company, Ilus Art for help in printing the images on display. Together, they have created a beautiful representation of science and art that reflects the groundbreaking work being done in the region. This exhibit will remain on display in terminal 2 of the SDIA until December 2014.


Ilus (pronounced e’loos) is a unique art company founded on the principle that beauty can be found in science. Albert Einstein said, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” From the microscopic images of the inner workings of a single cell to projects based on tissue engineering, all of these images are used to validate a scientist’s research. CEO, Janet Hubka first observed some of these images while visiting family members who work at local biotech companies. Initially thinking that she was looking at peacock feathers, she made the recommendation to enlarge one of the images for decorative purposes. Upon learning that the image was actually that of skin cells, she conferred with the scientist that took the picture and an idea named Ilus Art was born!