Reid Wiseman is the number 1 reason to join twitter, amazing pics from #ISS everyday #science

If you aren’t following Reid Wiseman on twitter, you should be. If you aren’t on twitter, join just to see these amazing pictures! @astro_reid



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Think you’ve got problems sleeping? Try sleeping in space… or not #science @astro_reid


Coincidence? A new study in Lancet Neurology found that astronauts do not get enough sleep and may rely on sleeping pills. Also today, ISS astronaut Reid Wiseman (also the number 1 twitter, vine, and photo user from space) tweeted about his sleeping problems…

The conclusions of the study include that sleep deficiency in astronauts is prevalent in space, and also in the months leading up to spaceflight. The study also concludes that sleeping problems needs to be addressed with countermeasures to promote sleep. A news article about the Lancet Neurology study is here.


Teddy Roosevelt is great, but the most epic USA fans of the 2014 World Cup are in SPACE #CauseScience

Everyone who has been watching the 2014 World Cup USA games has probably seen the amazing fan that dresses up like Teddy Roosevelt. If you haven’t, or can’t get enough of him, see below tweet from Buzzfeed.


See, as epic as Teddy Roosevelt was historically, and as epic as this fan is now, in my own humble opinion, the most epic fans at the World Cup are these guys. I guess you can argue that they aren’t AT the World Cup, but then again, they are right above it sometimes.


They are watching and supporting ‘Merica from SPACE… that’s right: SPACE. How can you be more epic than space? SO my vote for the most epic fans for team USA are the astronauts, who have taken time from doing science and being astronauts, to watch and play the games in space. Follow them on twitter to get more awesome updates from the International Space Station (@astro_reid @Astro_Alex ).