Octopus and cuttlefish are my favorite! Check out these marine videos from @jtotheizzoe and @okaytobesmart #BigBlueLive

Awesome videos from Joe Hanson at #BigBlueLive – check out all the awesomeness in the vids below and at the Big Blue Live website here!!

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Today is World Octopus Day!!

Today, October 8th, is World Octopus Day! Octopus have been around for a long long time, so why do we need an international octopus day?

Right now more than 50,000 tons of octopus are caught each year. And scientists still have little idea how many octopuses are out there in the oceans—or even how to go about measuring them. Octopuses, being asocial animals, don’t swim in schools that can be tracked and measured. And researchers are only just now devising ways to estimate an octopus’s age, as various species—and even individual populations in different environments—grow at various rates and live for anywhere from months to several years. And assessing populations accurately demands this sort of basic info.

So on this International Octopus Day, take a little time to remember these incredible eight-armed animals out in the oceans, quietly catching crabsmasquerading as other animals and occasionally even using tools.

And here is a nice infographic from dailyinfographic.com!

Video: Greek scientists have created a robot octopus!!! But it is not as delicious as real octopus #science

Robot Octopus Takes to the Sea – Scientists at the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH) in Greece have created a robot octopus that swims and crawls.

More info here.

Happy #CephalopodWeek!

Sharks aren’t the only sea creatures who get their own week!  Thanks to NPR Science Friday, cephalopods are the next to join the trend with #CephalopodWeek.  Octopus, squids, and more!  Celebrate all things tentacled, check out some of the cool videos here.  We can also take this time to remember our favorite Cephalopod, “Paul the Octopus” who predicted so many 2010 World Cup outcomes correctly (We’ll see if Regina can live up to the legacy)!

Cool, intriguing organisms… a little sad to think you wont be able to see them in the Invertebrate Exhibit at the National Zoo anymore.