#NIH Director Francis Collins posts cool video about myotonic dystrophy! #science

A new video about myotonic dystrophy has been added to the NIH Director’s Blog series of Cool Videos! Check out the video and Francis Collins’ blog! See the past Cool Video about Alzheimers here (funny parody of pitch perfect).

Eric Wang started his lab at MIT in 2013 through receiving an NIH Early Independence Award. Learn about the path that led him to study myotonic dystrophy a disease that affects his family. Erics team of researchers includes Ona McConnell an avid field hockey goalie who is affected by myotonic dystrophy herself. Determined to make a difference Eric and Ona hope to inspire others in their efforts to better understand and treat this disease.

#NIH Director Francis Collins posts awesome Alzheimer’s video parody of Pitch Perfect! #science

Awesome new video clips posted by NIH director Francis Collins on his NIH Director’s Blog. Check out the blog and the videos!

To keep everyone energized during the hot, hazy days of summer, I’ve decided to start a new series called Cool Videos. This virtual mini-film fest will feature a variety of videos—some even produced by researchers themselves—in which biomedical science plays a starring role.

Today’s feature (and my personal favorite) comes from the lab of Howard Weiner at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Set to the “Cups Song” from the movie “Pitch Perfect,” this video puts a human face on Alzheimer’s disease and features a few of the many researchers who are working so hard to find ways of treating and preventing this devastating brain disorder.