Science does not support quarantines for #ebola healthcare workers…. PERIOD @NEJM


The New England Journal of Medicine has published an editorial from a number of doctors highlighting the many reasons that quarantines are unnecessary and just plain wrong. I can’t agree more!!!!!!!

We should be guided by the science and not the tremendous fear that this virus evokes.

More Science. Less Fear!

We should be honoring, not quarantining, health care workers who put their lives at risk not only to save people suffering from Ebola virus disease in West Africa but also to help achieve source control, bringing the world closer to stopping the spread of this killer epidemic.

Via @NEJM and @CMichaelGibson on twitter.

#Ebola Quotable: Anja Wolz calls for action on Ebola Outbreak

My time in Kailahun (Sierra Leone) has been frustrating and disappointing, because I know from previous outbreaks what is required to control this one. No single organization has the capacity to manage all that is needed to stop the outbreak. Other organizations must attack this outbreak in all its facets. But the response has been too slow. We need people who are hands-on and on the ground. We need to be one step ahead of this outbreak, but right now we are five steps behind. – Anja Wolz perspective for NEJM, a must-read for first-hand descriptions of the Ebola outbreak from a nurse!