Are you a scientist with a social media presence? Beware of your ‘Kardashian Index’ #hilarious #science

Shadan Larki for The Daily Dot informs us all about the scientific ‘Kardashian Index’ created by University of Liverpool geneticist Neil Hall:

“Consider Kim Kardashian; she comes from a privileged background and, despite having not achieved anything consequential in science, politics or the arts … she is one of the most followed people on Twitter and [one of] the most searched-for [people] on Google,” Hall wrote in his full report. “I am concerned that phenomena similar to that of Kim Kardashian may also exist in the scientific community.”

Enter Hall’s solution, the “Kardashian Index.” It’s “a measure of discrepancy between a scientist’s social media profile and publication record based on the direct comparison of numbers of citations and Twitter followers.”

Check out the article for some featured tweets from scientists with social media presence! Including this one from Jonathon Eisen (@phylogenomics):

eisen k index