102 year old German finally receives PhD! #YouGoGirl #WorthTheWait

Featured in the Wall Street Journal and People Magazine (yay for reaching out to broader audiences), 102 year old scientist (and medical doctor), Ingeborg Rapoport was finally given her doctorate, 77 years after she was denied the right to defend her thesis in Nazi Germany:

In 1938, Ingeborg Rapoport was denied the right to defend her doctoral thesis in Germany. Seventy-seven years later, she was given a second chance.

The 102-year-old, who lives in Berlin, was just 25 when she wrote her doctoral thesis on diphtheria, an infection that among the leading causes of death for children in Europe and the U.S. at the time.

Because her mother was Jewish, Rapoport was deemed ineligible for academic advancement by the Nazi regime.

It’s a fascinating story.  Her son, Tom Rapoport (who btw is a very prominent scientist at Harvard), helped ensure this would happen.  For the full WSJ article,  Continue reading