@ErinGoBrain…. defining science communication by what it isn’t #WedORF #science

Check out this great post from Erin Go Brain. It is part of the blog’s weekly feature Wednesday Open Reading Frame, which highlights “non-journal articles that, just like a biological ORF*, should be read all the way through. No long reflections; no stop codons. Just good reading.” Love the nerdiness… so clever! This week’s ORF post highlights a NatureJobs article about science communication as a career choice. In the words of Erin Go Brain:

The take-home point: science communication is a lot easier to define by what it ISN’T than by what it IS. It ISN’T just print media any longer, it ISN’T a sure thing, and it ISN’T “the easy alternative” to a research career. It’s often grueling, time-consuming, and promises at least as insecure a future as academia.

Don’t want to be a Principal Investigator?

Did the predictor of your chances to become a Principal Investigator from the previous post bum you out?

Or maybe you love research, but don’t want to do it?

Turns out there are lots of options out there for you.


Article here.

“… we were lucky enough to organise one of the workshops with a rather provocative title, “I love science, but I don’t want to be a researcher.” The focus of the session was to present interesting examples of alternative careers available to scientists outside of the lab.