Miriam Goldstein responds to Boston Globe article by starting twitter trend – #LifeAfterPhD #science

Miriam Goldstein has once again started a terrific trending hashtag on twitter. Previously Goldstein initiated #WhyIDidaPhd. Now she has started #lifeafterphd in response to a Boston Globe article. The article highlights the sad sad life of science postdocs. Check out the twitter trend, and join in! Below are a few examples:

[tweet https://twitter.com/MiriamGoldste/status/519499707123789824] [tweet https://twitter.com/JacquelynGill/status/519518895137619968] [tweet https://twitter.com/JCWclimate/status/519516093774589952] [tweet https://twitter.com/TSZuska/status/519514038599172097] [tweet https://twitter.com/DNLee5/status/519506653042184192]