Think you like weather? Not as much as Jim Cantore likes it!! #Thundersnow #science


Check out this youtube video of Meteorologist Jim Cantore freaking out after witnessing THUNDERSNOW!! Love seeing someone get this excited about science and weather!! (gif credit: CauseScience)

Watch this GIF of the formation of tonight’s Nor’easter #science #Juno #snow


Check out this Gif of the formation of winter storm Juno… previously known as just tonight’s Nor’easter! Check out the NASA video here to see earlier developments. More info about how the video was made and about the storm itself here at the NASA website!!

Image Credit: NASA/NOAA GOES Project – GIF – CauseScience

National Weather Service forecasters have been tracking a low pressure area that moved from the Midwest into the Atlantic Ocean today, and is expected to become a strong nor’easter that will bring blizzard conditions to the northeastern U.S. The path of the system was captured in a NASA movie of NOAA’s GOES-East satellite imagery.

Al Roker is attempting to break the record for the longest weather report – raise money for #USO #Rokerthon


Al Roker is attempting to give a 34 hour live weather report to break the current record, held by a Norwegian meteorologist. The Rokerthon is going on RIGHT NOW, and is hoping to raise money for the USO! More background and info in video from last night’s Rachel Maddow show!

Currently in hour 11!!