#Act4MentalHealth – National Day of Action for Mental Health Reform

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, executive director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, has written an oped for Huffington Post Blog describing work being done by her organization and a few members of Congress to reform care for mental illness.

The reality is that for too many, lifesaving mental health care remains unavailable. This is tragic because with appropriate services and supports, many people can and do experience recovery. Sadly, few among our nation’s leaders seem to be paying attention. Access to timely and effective mental health care has never been more critical. While there has been dialogue and some progress since the White House Conference on Mental Health last year, there has not been nearly enough action.

Join the National Day of Action by participating via social media, email and phone in the #Act4MentalHealth social media campaign and tell Congress to act now!

World Cup and Concussions

The USA vs GER game was indeed a nail-biter, but also quite the head-basher as well.  Clint Dempsey with another jab to the face, and Jermaine Jones bonking heads… definitely cringeworthy.  

There’s been a lot of news lately about head injuries in sports such as football.  But the other football, or soccer, needs to take this issue seriously too.  

We mentioned this in a previous post, and a nice article by The Washington Post details the extent of head injuries in soccer and what must be done about it.   Specifically, FIFA needs to take this issue more seriously!

“It’s barbaric. The way FIFA has turned an eye to head injuries, it’s 1950s-ish,” said ESPN analyst Taylor Twellman, the former University of Maryland and MLS star whose career was cut short due to concussions. “It’s just mind-boggling. . . . FIFA acts like it doesn’t exist.”


A handful of star players, such as Twellman and former D.C. United star Alecko Eskandarian, have had promising careers cut short by head injuries”

This is a real issue y’all.  A lot of head injuries lead to mental illness, neurological disorders, and sometimes death.  I’m a huge fan of soccer…but I’d rather see Jones and others sit out for a game to recover from head injury then to continue playing and potentially risk their health and lives.  It’s time to start acting on it, FIFA.