Check out the 2015 White House Science Fair with @BillNye !! #WHScienceFair


Today is the 2015 White House Science Fair!!! More info here!

Welcome! On March 23rd, President Obama is hosting the 5th White House Science Fair, welcoming young scientists and engineers from across America to show off their inventions, discoveries, and innovative projects. Join the Science Fair fun by sharing photos and stories of YOUR science projects. Go ahead, geek out! #WHScienceFair

Don’t miss the launch of the @NASA_Orion test flight tomorrow at 7:05am EST – @NASA livestream #JourneytoMars

Don’t forget! Tomorrow the Orion Spacecraft will blast off on a test flight just after 7 am EST! NASA livestream of the launch here, starts at 4am! More info on the NASA Orion blog here (image credit).

Critical Step on Journey to Mars
The countdown is on for Thursday’s 7:05 a.m. EST launch of NASA’s new human spacecraft, Orion, on its first voyage to space. Lifting off aboard a Delta IV Heavy rocket, the un-crewed Orion will orbit 3,600 miles above Earth before splashing down in the Pacific. Meteorologists upgraded their outlook to a 70 percent chance of acceptable conditions. Orion is being designed to carry astronauts on exploration missions into deep space, including a trip to an asteroid and eventually to Mars.

Check out previous CauseScience posts about Orion.

Also, there is a great article on UniverseToday comparing heavy lift launch systems including the SLS!

Tomorrow a spacecraft will land on a comet! Links to livestream, info, and cartoon video! @ESA_Rosetta

The Philae lander of the ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft will be landing on a comet tomorrow!! You can watch live here!


Here is a nice post about how magnetic fields will be used to monitor the descent of Philae onto the comet!

And here is the super cute and informational cartoon about Rosetta and Philae!! Perfect for kids!

Livestream the ISS spacewalk happening NOW! @astro_reid

1015Livestream the space walk on the International Space Station today!

7 a.m., Wednesday, October 15 – Coverage of the ISS Expedition 41 U.S. Spacewalk # 28 (Wiseman and Wilmore; spacewalk scheduled to begin at 8:20 a.m. ET)

Also, an awesome space vine courtesy of astronaut Reid Wiseman!