CERN LGBT scientists targeted by other CERN scientists #science #hate

The CERN particle accelerator in Geneva, Switzerland has made huge discoveries in particle physics over the last few years. Unfortunately, it seems that CERN is also home to some hateful scientists (via Towleroad):

Sen. Elizabeth Warren supports science based policy for FDA blood donation!

Senator Elizabeth Warren continues to be an amazing advocate for SCIENCE and SCIENCE-based policy. The FDA recently renewed the ban on blood donation by many Americans (specifically by members of the LGBT community), Senator Warren tweeted her frustration. More info on the blood donation ban here, and responses from other Senators here (both via Towleroad Blog).

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Senator Warren has previously voiced her support for science and research here.

@NatureNews and @MitchWaldrop look in-depth at LGBT’s in #science


Nature News has published a terrific article on being LGBT in the scientific community by M Mitchell Waldrop. The article examines acceptance and discrimination faced by LGBT scientists, as well as their comfort level being out and pround at work. It includes personal stories and a number of great quotes from a personal hero of mine, Ben Barres. Thank you Mitchell Waldrop for this article, and kudos to Nature News for recognizing the importance of LGBT issues in science!

Still, without minimizing the challenges that remain, older LGBT scientists stress how far the world has come in a remarkably short time. “When I’m contacted by young people,” says Barres, “I always tell them that the fears are so much greater than the reality. And I always encourage them to be open, because they will be so much happier. If you’re doing good science, if you’re a great teacher — that’s what matters.”