Turns out academic research is only one career option for biomedical scientists!! #science #NotAlternateCareerPaths

CSHL Press has a new resource for biomedical scientists (Edited by Kaaren Janssen and Richard Sever) looking for career paths other than academic research. Turns out there are a lot!!

Also, these are NOT alternate career paths… they are career paths.

Most people who do a PhD and postdoctoral work in the biomedical sciences do not end up as principal investigators in a research lab. Despite this, graduate courses and postdoctoral fellowships tend to focus almost exclusively on training for bench science rather than other career paths. This book plugs the gap by providing information about a wide variety of different careers that individuals with a PhD in the life sciences can pursue.

Covering everything from science writing and grant administration to patent law and management consultancy, the book includes firsthand accounts of what the jobs are like, the skills required, and advice on how to get a foot in the door. It will be a valuable resource for all life scientists considering their career options and laboratory heads who want to give career advice to their students and postdocs.

Science Quotable: Jonathan Adams on scientific publishing merit


Publishing in a high impact journal is a real signal of achievement. It’s tough in a highly competitive environment to get past those editorial and refereeing decisions. So, it’s great to get into Nature or Science or the leading international journal in your field. But the point here, in the Current Biology study and in our own analyses, is that this seems to be more influential than the actual paper. Some of the UK researchers actually had more highly cited papers available. –Jonathan Adams guest post for a Nature blog