James Watson’s Nobel Prize for DNA structure auctioned at Christie’s for $4,100,000!! #science #WompWomp

Posted without comment. Background here. Insight into why Watson chose to sell his Medal here via Vox.

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Wanna buy a Nobel Prize Medal? James Watson is selling his to supplement his income… and more? #science

James Watson, who received the 1962 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for helping discover the structure of DNA, is auctioning off his Medal this week.

Christie’s has said Watson’s medal could sell for as much as $2.2 million dollars, when it is auctioned in New York on Thursday.

According to the Irish Times, Watson said he plans to use the money from the sale of the gold medal to supplement his income, make donations to “institutions that have looked after me” such as the University of Chicago, his alma mater, and Clare College, Cambridge, and to buy art.

Check out the article here for more info, including some info on the many controversial comments made by Watson.