Congressional panel says Americans are too stupid for GMO food labeling, and are probably right. Anti-GMO is #antiscience


Are Americans too stupid to properly interpret GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) labeling? Yes, according to a congressional panel of representatives and experts, and in many cases, I would have to agree. See CauseScience’s past posts about GMO’s, including how the politics of GMO alarmists prove that not only Republicans are anti-science (more here). Michael McAuliff summarizes the findings of the congressional panel and gives background on GMO labeling laws for Huffington Post. Check it out!

People who oppose GMOs or want them labeled so that consumers can know what they’re eating are alarmists who thrive on fear and ignorance, the panel agreed. Labeling GMO foods would only stoke those fears, and harm a beneficial thing, so it should not be allowed, the lawmakers and witnesses agreed.