Treating 2 patients with #Ebola cost University of Nebraska Medical Center $1 million! Who do we send the bill to?

According to the University of Nebraska’s Medical Center’s Chancellor, Dr. Jeffrey Gold, treatment of 2 patients with ebola cost over 1 million dollars (Austin Powers anyone?). Apparently it is unclear who will pay for the patients care at the specialized center.

“I urge Congress to approve funding and policies supporting full reimbursement of the cost of care for these unique cases that are not recoverable from insurance policies. These are patients that federal government directed to UNMC and Emory,” Gold said.

#Ebola fear-mongering anti-Obama crazy propaganda outside Columbia Presbyterian Hospital!

IMG_1704 IMG_1705

Seen on my walk back from lunch right outside the entrance to the hospital. Apparently it is some group affiliated with the LaRouche Movement (or at least the signs said larouchepac). Hilarious when an anti-Obama group uses the term ‘black’ death… you aren’t kidding anyone.