See the view of Earth from the International Space Station in HD!!

Now you can see the view of Earth from the International Space Station in HD, thanks to NASA and cameras mounted on the ISS. 

While these new Earth science instruments collect valuable information on our changing planet, one current Earth observation study continuously streams live views of Earth directly to your desktop or mobile internet device. The High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) investigation allows anyone with an internet connection to view our world from above. Tune in to the HDEV live stream here.

If the stream is down when you hit the link, as it was for me, check out the video below for an example.

To date there have been millions of viewers looking at the High Definition Earth Viewing, or HDEV camera views. Four cameras are sitting on the exterior of the space station which stream live video of Earth for viewing online. The cameras are enclosed in a temperature specific housing and are exposed to the harsh radiation of space. Analysis of the effect of space on the video quality may help engineers decide which cameras are the best types to use on future missions. The Associate Program Scientist for Crew Earth Observations, Will Stefanov, tells us more.

Where is the International Space Station RIGHT now?!

This is beyond cool.

We all like HD… but the ISS is taking it to a new level with their HDEV: High Defenition Earth Viewing experiment.  You can keep up with the International Space Station through their online “Live View” Camera, and can see, in real time, where the ISS is and their view of the earth through the HDEV cameras.  Just a note, if the video is black, it means the ISS is over the “Night time” portion of the earth.