Wanna be an EPA administrator? See a ‘day in the life’ of Gina McCarthy #EPA



Check out this feature on the EPA website that shows you photos and descriptions of what a day in EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy is like. Looks like it is updated every few weeks with a new day in the life! See previous CauseScience posts on Gina McCarthy here.

Science Quotable: Gina McCarthy on ‘secret science’ of EPA #soundslikeSCIENCE


“If EPA is being accused of ‘secret science’ because we rely on real scientists to conduct research, and independent scientists to peer review it, and scientists who’ve spent a lifetime studying the science to reproduce it — then so be it.”

McCarthy said at the National Academy of Sciences’ 151st annual meeting.

More info on the ‘secret science’ claims of the House Science, Space and Technology committee from The Hill, here and here. Petty distraction much?

Rachel Maddow covers history of environmental Chicken Littles and EPA success

Last night Rachel Maddow covered the EPA announcement about new rules to prevent climate change, including a terrific history lesson on the EPA and the Clean Air Act, as well as the resulting push-back. History does repeat itself. A great video, including a clip of the EPA’s Gina McCarthy making the announcement and calling out all the boys who cried wolf through history. Best Accent Ever.

EPA is All-American Agency: Gina McCarthy


“In the ’60s, when smog choked our cities, critics cried wolf and said EPA action would put the brakes on auto production, and they were wrong. Instead, our air got cleaner and our kids got healthier, and we sold more cars. Thank you to the folks at EPA. In the 1990s, critics cried wolf and said fighting acid rain would make electricity go up and our lights go out. They said industry would, and I quote, ‘die a quiet death.’ Well, they were wrong again. Industry is alive and well. Our lights are still on, and we have dramatically reduced acid rain. So time after time, when science pointed to health risks, special interests cried wolf to protect their own agenda, not the agenda of the American people. And time after time, we followed the science, we protected the American people and the doomsday predictions never came true.”
Heard/read on Rachel Maddow blog