The Onion pokes fun at STEM program, gender-bias in science


Although The Onion is a satirical news site, many of its articles on science hit very close to home (previous Onion post). A current article pokes fun at a number of issues in academic science, including the disturbing gender-bias in science (PNAS article, New York Times article), and the need to innovate STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, article here) in order to attract minorities and underrepresented communities to these fields. The Onion certainly knows how to keep it real, which makes the article hilarious, but eye-opening since it is essentially true.

“Today’s girls have the potential to become the physicists and chemists of tomorrow, powerlessly watching as their male counterparts are promoted over them, their intellects are ignored, and their research is underrepresented in scientific journals. Our mission is to let every young woman know that such a future isn’t a fantasy; it’s a reality they can most certainly achieve.” Grant admitted, however, that such opportunities depended upon the slim chance that these girls even managed to be hired from a predominantly male applicant pool in the first place.

Political affiliation of medical doctors shifting away from Republicans


More medical doctors are contributing to Democrats and fewer are contributing to Republicans according to an article published in JAMA Internal Medicine. There are differences between medical specialties that are quite interesting, and women doctors tend to lean even more toward Democrats. Authors include Adam Bonica, Howard Rosenthal, David J. Rothman. News article here.