Look up! Tonight is the autumnal harvest moon AND a super moon!! WOAH!

Following the awesome super moons this summer, tonight is not only a super moon, but also this year’s harvest moon. Hooray for awesome moon viewing! If it isn’t cloudy where you are, check out the moon early in the evening!

The full moon will be the one closest to this year’s autumnal equinox, which falls on Sept. 22, giving it the distinction of being the harvest moon. It is expected to reach its full phase at 9:38 p.m. ET.

While it’s not yet autumn, the harvest moon earned its place in lunar lore because moon rises several days before and after happen closer to sunset.

In the days before electricity, the harvest moon illuminated the fields, allowing farmers to tend to their crops under the night sky, according to EarthSky.

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Communications issues? Giant solar flare coincides with Friday the 13th and full moon

moon sun

The flares created a “coronal mass ejection,” namely, a huge cloud of plasma that could hit Friday and cause a shock wave, affecting communications and GPS systems again. According to the NOAA, if an ejection were to hit Earth, scientists expect it would only cause a minor geo-magnetic storm.

Frank Diez reports.


Tomorrow: Friday the 13th and a Full Moon


vox.com reports it won’t happen again until AUGUST 13, 2049.

Specifically, the full moon occurs at precisely 12:11 am EDT on Thursday night — i.e., early Friday morning. That means the 13th will coincide with the full moon for residents of the Eastern time zone (as well as South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia), but not the Central, Mountain, or Pacific time zones.