The Science of Being a Dad! #fathersday

Happy Fathers Day! Naturally, I bring to you information on the science of being a dad!

Typically, we hear about the science of being a mother… and how important the mothers are for the children’s growth and development, etc.  I mean, biologically, the mother even supplies the main “bulk” of the zygote.  They carry the child in the womb. There’s undoubtedly a lot of evidence on research on the role of mothers in raising children.

And often, fathers are simply regarded as those who “bring home the bacon.”  But their role in raising children goes farther than that.  Check out the latest On Point with Tom Ashbrook interviewing Paul Raeburn, author of “Do Father’s Matter?“.  Fascinating stuff on how father’s contribute more than just their DNA.  

Happy Father’s Day! 5 dad facts from Pew


Pew Research Center has 5 facts about dads for Father’s Day. See the article for more info, fun graphics and charts.

1. Fewer dads are their family’s sole breadwinner.

2. Dads’ and moms’ roles are converging.

3. Today’s dads say they spend as much or more time with their kids than their own parents spent with them.

4. Work-family balance is a challenge for many working fathers.

5. For a growing number of children, there is no father in the home.