FASEB BioArt competition is on! Submit images and videos until August 30th! #Science


FASEB BioArt competition entries due August 30, 2014!

Through the BioArt competition, FASEB aims to share the beauty and excitement of biological research with the public.  FASEB encourages the submission of captivating, high-resolution images and videos representing cutting edge, 21st Century biomedical and life science research. These laboratory-based images must be original photographs, illustrations, or videos submitted by current or former US federally-funded investigators, contractors, or trainees and/or members of FASEB constituent societies. Each submission must also include a nontechnical, 100-word caption that describes the image or video and articulates the broader relevance of the science represented. When viewed in conjunction with the caption, submissions should be both visually arresting and clearly communicate a cutting edge bioscience concept.

FASEB BioArt Poster announcement here. Check it out or share it!

How much money does research bring into your state economy? #RESEARCHDOLLAS #NIHinyourstate

USAfund “FASEB has created a new set of factsheets describing the importance of NIH funding to each state. The factsheets include a table listing NIH funding by congressional district, a summary of the biomedical research profile for the state, and talking points on how investment in NIH research benefits the economy of the state.”

This is FUN and INFORMATIVE! Turns out that research funding can bring A LOT of money into state economies. It also means that cuts in research funding can take A LOT OF MONEY OUT OF STATE ECONOMIES. See how your state does! Good job FASEB (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology).