New feature! CauseScience Friday! #science #scienceselfie

Every Friday we are going to post what we are doing in lab (similar post from awhile ago). We hope to show people that scientists do a lot of different things, and aren’t just anti-social crazy people wearing lab coats.

Today I am preparing a lot of DNA samples (24 to be exact). DNA preps are usually quick and easy, but they take a bit more concentration when doing so many. Notice that the centrifuge is completely full! Happy Friday!

photo 3-2photo 1-2

Further north up at Dartmouth, blogger psgurel is doing data analysis and quantification.  A typical day in the lab is not always pipetting and microscopes.  Oftentimes, data gathered during experimentation are not meaningful until they are quantified and analyzed appropriately.  Today’s analysis consists of finding similarities between previously published crystallography data and plotting kinetic data from an experiment done yesterday!



Hilarious Buzzfeed Video: Signs that #science isn’t for you… or is it?

As an aside, I have to say that mistakes and flubs like these happen all the time while doing science, albeit on a different scale (i.e. messed up PCR or western blot, forgotten reagent, or even not using PPE*). So perhaps this video should be titled, anyone doing science needs to be careful.

*PPE= personal protective equipment (safety goggles, lab coats, etc)