Amazing video of @SpaceX Falcon Rocket landing attempt… So Close!!

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First images of @SpaceX rocket landing attempt on drone ship from today’s Falcon launch!!

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See the Future of SpaceX – Super cool video animation of Falcon Heavy liftoff and flight!!

Falcon Heavy | Flight Animation

When Falcon Heavy lifts off later this year, it will be the most powerful operational rocket in the world by a factor of two. Thrust at liftoff is equal to approximately eighteen 747 aircraft operating simultaneously.

SpaceX posts vine of attempted drone ship rocket landing and EXPLOSION!! #space

If you missed the SpaceX/NASA rocket launch that included an attempted landing of the first stage rocket on a drone ship, here’s the spectacular video of the amazing, but not entirely successful landing. More info here.

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NASA and SpaceX rocket launch delayed until Friday after malfunction of Z actuator

The SpaceX Dragon launch this morning was delayed due to a malfunction in a mechanical actuator involved in the second rocket stage prior to launch. The next possible launch time is Friday at 5 am. The mission involves a delivery to the International Space Station (including lots of science!), as well as the potentially history-making attempt to land the first stage rocket on a ship in the Atlantic Ocean!

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Don’t miss the launch of SpaceX’s Dragon to ISS! And SpaceX trying to land a rocket on a boat!!

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In addition to taking a science-heavy payload to the International Space Station, this SpaceX launch will also be a first attempt to land its Dragon rocket on a ship in the ocean! Get more info and watch live here!


SpaceX F9R rocket self-detonates in test flight gone awry in Texas

An experimental test of the reusable Falcon 9R rocket by SpaceX malfunctioned Friday, resulting in a self-detonation of the rocket.

Debris from the unmanned SpaceX Falcon 9 Reusable (F9R) rocket, which self-destructed less than 20 seconds after launch, rained down from the flames onto an open field outside of McGregor.

A hitch turned up during launch, and the “flight termination system automatically terminated the mission,” SpaceX said in a statement.

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