Like the World Cup? Like Volcanoes? 2014 Volcano World Cup! #GroupH


Don’t forget that the Volcano World Cup from ERUPTIONS blog is still going on. Now onto Group H. My previous post about this super fun take on a new competition involving the 2014 World Cup countries.

ERUPTIONS blog, by Erik Klemetti, at has put together an informative and interactive group of posts that pit volcanoes of the world against each other (from countries in the actual 2014 FIFA World Cup) . Check out the posts and start voting for the 2014 Volcano World Cup winner!!

What is the Volcano World Cup? I’m going to take each of the participating countries in the real World Cup and have all of you vote on which are the most volcanically excellent. It will be set up exactly the same as the World Cup – group stage, round of 16, quarter-, semi- and finals – except it will be your votes that move nations forward.

For Groups B, C, etc of the Volcano World Cup, go to ERUPTIONS here