Don’t forget the @NASA and @SpaceX DSCOVR launch today! No rocket landing attempt due to extreme weather :(

The launch is scheduled for 6:03 pm EST, and weather is at a 90% go for launch. It’s a bummer that SpaceX will forego the 1st stage rocket landing attempt, and instead use a soft landing. Apparently today is the day for posts about rocket launches and space.

Tonight: @NASA DSCOVR launch and @SpaceX Falcon 9 barge landing attempt take 2!!

Check NASA TV today at 5pm EST for the potential launch of DSCOVR and landing attempt of the Falcon9 rocket by SpaceX. This is the second launch attempt after Sunday’s attempt was scrubbed.

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Round 2: SpaceX will try to land Falcon9 on barge TONIGHT!

Stay tuned, at 6:10pm EST SpaceX will attempt to land a Falcon9 rocket on a barge again. Check out the LIVE webcast.  Let’s hope it goes better than last time!