And the depression sets in…

RIP comedian Robin Williams, whose death is currently being attributed to suicide, likely brought on by his depression.  Not only is this a tragedy, but it’s quite depressing- the death of Robin Williams and the state of depression in this country.  Apparently 19 million Americans live with depression, and risk factors brought on by depression (such as suicide and alcoholism) can greatly shorten lifespan.

IFLScience posts about Identifying and Overcoming Depression and hits on very important points.  The article is definitely worth a read.

Some people refuse to seek treatment because of a presumed stigma associated with getting treatment for mental health. Getting treatment for a debilitating mental disorder is no reason to feel ashamed. Seeking treatment for depression is no different than seeking treatment for cancer or a broken bone.

Depression can be caused by biological, environmental, and psychological factors, in addition to personal experiences such as divorce or death of a loved one. Depression can be triggered by even by small occurrences. 

Many of us may have depression or know someone else that is depressed.  There is no shame in that.  It’s important to seek help and address the issue.  Mental health is no different than physical health, and an illness going unchecked may have dramatic if not fatal consequences.