Unearthing a new Defender of #Science!! Evolution debate between ESPN baseball analysts results in firing, then reinstatement of @KeithLaw

In case you missed it, we have a new Defender of Science (and evolution) in an unexpected place!

Background hereCurt Shilling and Keith Law, both ESPN baseball analysts, engaged in a twitter debate about evolution and science. Curt Shilling posted a number of tweets questioning evolution, which Keith Law rebutted with SCIENCE! ESPN then suspended Law for defending evolution, but then later reinstated him. Obviously all of this caused a huge commotion in the twitter-verse. More on the story here and here. Keith Law not only wins for defending science, but also for his tweet response after being reinstated by ESPN…. shout out to science heretic history~!

[tweet https://twitter.com/keithlaw/status/536891544650149888]

Props to Keith Law! and to EPSN for not being on the wrong side of history.

Apparently, Curt Shilling was taken aback by the resulting twitter storm in response to his comments.

Science Quotable: Suzanne Ffolkes from Research!America #DefenderofScience


In fact, many americans are still not aware of where research is conducted in our country, and largely scientists are invisible to the public. Our public opinion polling shows that many americans cannot name a living scientist, which is a great concern.


They’re (scientists) the best spokespersons for science. If they can’t defend science, who can?  … its really up to the scientists to describe the importance of their research and how it connects back to public health, human health, and also the economic benefits through job creation.

– Suzanne Ffowles interview at 2014 BIO international conference