#Science and #Religion – Pope’s encyclical supports the science of climate change and calls for revolution!

Religion and science… in harmony? The Pope and the Vatican have taken a stand with scientists against climate change. The encyclical released today will hopefully have huge impacts on the discussion surrounding climate change, but at the very least will make climate change a major topic of discussion in politics and religion. The church’s stand is already causing tension in US politics, with anti-science Republicans chastising the Pope for his stance.  While the Pope and Catholic Church have a history of supporting the science of man-made climate change, this makes climate change a part of the church’s official teaching. Very exciting times! And who thought religion, especially the Catholic Church, would be fighting alongside scientists??

Lots of commentary about this news all over the internet, here are a bunch from The Conversation!!

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What happens when you strap down and fire a huge rocket engine?? NASA video shows SLS rocket test!! #rocketscience

More info about the video and the RS-25 rocket engine test here at the NASA website!

SLS RS-25 Testing Heats Up

The RS-25 engine that will drive NASA’s new rocket, the Space Launch System, to deep space blazed through its first successful test Jan. 9 at the agency’s Stennis Space Center near Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. The RS-25 fired up for 500 seconds on the A-1 test stand, providing NASA engineers with critical data on the engine controller unit and inlet pressure conditions.

#Ebola fear-mongering anti-Obama crazy propaganda outside Columbia Presbyterian Hospital!

IMG_1704 IMG_1705

Seen on my walk back from lunch right outside the entrance to the hospital. Apparently it is some group affiliated with the LaRouche Movement (or at least the signs said larouchepac). Hilarious when an anti-Obama group uses the term ‘black’ death… you aren’t kidding anyone.