How competitive should science be?

We’ve posted frequently on the negative effects (ie fraud) resulting from the current hyper-competitive nature of the American science enterprise.  From the ASCB COMPASS blog, another thoughtful perspective on how hyper-competition may be influencing science.

“Is the pressure created by 9% paylines and a scarcity of stable jobs stimulating academic science, or squelching the creativity necessary for innovation?”


American Society for Cell Biology Awards

The ASCB COMPASS (Committee for Postdocs and Students) is offering several awards and opportunities to show off your talents!  Win up to $500 with the “Share your Science” video contest or Comic Strip Contest.

Additionally, if you have great outreach ideas, apply for up to $1,000 with the Outreach Grant.

These are great opportunities for scientists to communicate with the community, show off their creativity, and display their passion for science.  For a full list of awards, go here.