2 days until #24HoursOfReality!!! AND history of how we got here #COP21 #WhyImWatching

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Check out the awesome lineup!!

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And here is a great history lesson to refresh your climate knowledge before the Paris Summit!!

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Climate Reality = facts… not opinions. @ClimateReality @iamjohnoliver

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or the website here: Climate Reality Project

24 Hours of Reality: 24 Reasons for Hope #climate #24HoursofReality


Today! Watch the 24 hours of reality! A 24 hour multimedia event to raise hope for climate change from Climate Reality Project!

What can change in a day?

24 Hours of Reality is a live global event covering the climate crisis in every region of the world. On this day of action, we stand up together and demand real solutions to the greatest challenge of our time. Over the course of this multi-media event, world leaders, scientists, cultural icons, and everyday heroes discuss the shared challenges facing our planet caused by carbon pollution and point the way toward a better tomorrow.

Ready for Climate Week NYC and the People’s Climate March?? Get psyched with 24 hours of Climate Reality tomorrow! #CWNYC #24HoursOfReality

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September 22- 28 starts the sixth annual Climate Week NYC, coinciding with the United Nations Climate Summit.

The Climate Group, this year with CDP, is proud to convene the sixth Climate Week NYC, from September 22-28. Climate Week NYC is also the collaborative space for all events in support of the UN Climate Summit. We will be home to around 100 events, activities and high-profile meetings taking place across NYC.

Tomorrow will get you excited for Climate Week by starting with the multimedia event, 24 hours of Climate Reality, by the Climate Reality Project. And don’t forget about the People’s Climate March on Sept 21! CauseScience will be posting lots of updates and info all week!

Join us for 24 Hours of Reality, the fourth annual live-streamed multimedia show dedicated to sparking action on climate change. Broadcasting September 16-17, we will share 24 reasons to be hopeful about our future, and encourage everyone around the world to commit to a day of climate action.

Be part of the solution and tune in with your community to 24 Hours of Reality: 24 Reasons for Hope to learn why we’re hopeful for our future. You’ll learn what you can do to solve the climate crisis, discover new solutions from fellow Climate Reality Leaders on their home turf, hear from celebrities, and so much more.

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