Check out the amazing list of NIH Brain Initiative grant awards!! See what $46 million can do! #science #neuroscience #BrainI

The NIH has posted the awards and abstracts of grants funded by the BRAIN Initiative (to the tune of $46 million!). Definitely worth a look if you are into brain science, neuroscience, or the types of projects NIH is funding! More info on BRAIN initiative here, and previous CauseScience posts about it here.


Live Stream tomorrow’s White House Conference on the BRAIN Initiative at 3:30PM! @eboyden3 #science

Tomorrow (September 30th) at 3:30 PM you can live-stream the White House Conference on President Obama’s BRAIN Initiative. For more info on the BRAIN Initiative, see the NIH BRAIN Initiative page here, or previous CauseScience posts. Via awesome neuroscientist Ed Boyden!


Check out the National Science Foundation’s website for the BRAIN initiative!


The BRAIN initiative website from the National Science Foundation has tons of info on the BRAIN initiative, its funding, and recent news! See CauseScience’s previous posts about the BRAIN initiative here.