Dreams thwarted for “next generation” of scientists

From the Boston Globe, another opinion piece on how the decline in US funding for science is hurting the “next generation” aka MY generation! From the article:

Unfortunately, a decade of flat funding for the National Institutes of Health budget — coupled with a biomedical research inflation rate that runs about 2 percent a year — doesn’t just reduce the amount of research that occurs in the short term. It also risks thwarting the careers of a young generation of aspiring scientists, who see their mentors getting bogged down in paperwork as they patch together funding for their research. 

Congress can easily banish US scientists’ worries by recommitting to the steady growth in public dollars for vital research. Instead, as funding has flat-lined and as the number of new, tenure-track faculty positions at research universities has dropped, a generation of talented young researchers is caught in a holding pattern, with dashed dreams and an uncertain future.