It’s 5 degrees in NYC! How do dogs paws not freeze in the cold??!?! #science


As I was trying my best to avoid frostbite this morning while walking my dog, I wondered how in the world his paws weren’t frozen solid. The temperature in New York City was 5 degrees Fahrenheit and breezy! Not to mention the rest of his uncovered skin since he is a hairless dog (picture above)!! A quick google search revealed this fun article with nice citations! Check it out!

Dog paws don’t freeze because the arrangement of blood vessels beneath the animals’ skin keeps the temperature just right, the scientists report. The arrangement helps the animal hold on to body heat, which might otherwise be easily lost through their hairless paws.

Hiroyoshi Ninomiya, an expert in animal anatomy from Yamazaki Gakuen University in Tokyo, led the new study on dog paws. During summer, hot asphalt in Japan can reach a scorching 66º Celsius (150º Fahrenheit), he notes. In the winter, the same pavement may drop to about –9º C (15º F).