CauseScience weekly roundup of science news and goings on! Nov 13th, 2014

Argentinian tango is apparently addictive – from Seriously Science!

Cod fishing in New England has been banned to protect fish stocks.

Almost unbelievably, the US and China reached a HUGE deal on Climate Change!

The guilty verdicts for Italian geoscientists convicted of manslaughter have been overturned… phew.

Video: Science facts with Kevin Delaney on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!

Photos of the arctic show its beauty, but tell a haunting story about Climate Change.

A plant scientist has written an open letter to Bill Nye about his anti-GMO views. Via Keith Kloor at Collide-a-Scape.

Ever wondered about where the name of the hippocampus came from? Neuroskeptic provides etymological maps of the brain!

Is there a virus that makes people stupid??

Followup to the recent elections paints a dim picture for Climate Change, and also the EPA.

Sleep deprived bees dance like you do when you’re drunk!

Scientists are the new heroes in Hollywood!

Video – Why science is NOT ‘Just a Theory’ from the Royal Institution