Treating asthma by targeting the immune system? – T cells take my breath away! #science #twinning

A new connection between asthma and T cells in the immune system!! Props to my twin brother – one of the authors, and the featured scientist in the NIH video below! More info from the NIAID here – paper in Science Translational Medicine here, and featured summary –  T cell types that take your breath away.

A new study has shown that targeting two immune cells—Th2 and Th17—and their downstream, inflammatory effects is better than targeting just one pathway in the context of asthma. The researchers also show that blocking the Th2 pathway, which is a target of commonly-prescribed corticosteroid drugs, may unexpectedly boost conditions for Th17-driven inflammation. These results clarify how immune cells and their products contribute to asthma, and the work may enable researchers to design and test therapies that target both pathways. The study appears in the August 19, 2015, edition of Science Translational Medicine and included scientists from NIAID, the University of Leicester, and Genentech.


Who would have thought? Health benefits to curbing pollution…

As I stated yesterday, Obama has started taking major steps to cut down carbon emissions (my post).  Turns out that pollution is not only harmful to the environment, but also bad for human health.  Who would have thought?  Health experts react to Obama’s proposal in an unsurprisingly positive way, going as far as to say that cleaning up the air would have “an immediate, positive impact on public health.” Experts are predicting that reduction of pollution from power plants with the proposed EPA regulation could prevent up to 100,000 asthma attacks and 2,100 heart attacks in the FIRST year it is in effect.

I really can’t find any logical reasoning to be against this proposal…