Shelf Life Episode 5 – How To Time Travel To a Star – @AMNH video

Museum astrophysicists are searching through early photographs of the night sky and, with the help of high school students, helping to digitize them along the way. For more about astronomical instrumentation through the ages, head over to the episode website:…

Skull of the Olinguito – Shelf Life Episode 4! @AMNH

Shelf Life Episode 4 – Skull of the Olinguito

Ninety years after it was first collected, Mammal #66753 from was finally recognized as a new species. Researcher Miguel Pinto tells the story of how a Museum specimen helped lead to the discovery of the olinguito, and Curator Nancy Simmons discusses the importance of holotypes.

For more about how new species are discovered in collections—and in the field—head over to the episode website:…

Shelf Life is a collection for curious minds—opening doors, pulling out drawers, and taking the lids off some of the incredible, rarely seen items in the American Museum of Natural History. Over the next year, Shelf Life will explore topics like specimen preparation, learn why variety is vital, and meet some of the people who work in the Museum collections. Videos roll out monthly, and Episode 5 will premiere on March 17, 2015.